The People’s King Doojzie

A huge status entourage

Princes Life motto

“tis what it tis”

Princess Kaia quote

“We have watched time and time again how the British have conspired culture from the forefront that Doojzie is abnormal and unfit for the throne while he steadily proves his endless superiority while pressing evolution and extending humanities time however acting in barbaric ignorance to the respect due to our King”

interstellar pursuit to remain crowned lord of all souls

Who is Doojzie?

An Irish Prince brought up as a groom on the family farms weilding major principalities growing through the peace process in the educational system from a border town North West costal Ireland.

Doojzie aka OMG born all souls day at 4.20 pm a Scorpio sun and Aquarius moon proves most undeniably an entity let alone the peeks this Monarch has conceived great knowledge from the depths of the grave as he had been pressured in so many afterlives portrayed endeavours and coming back a fresh soul readjusting to the ways of life and communicology conquering to the source of existence steadily pressing the peeks of times existence in the most pleasurable manner.

Leading the frequency within the English language this prince has more than justified his rights to be crowned lead monarch in status only the higher powers van submit righteousness at the forefront and as we are calculating day by day closer to the victory and successes of the most habitual slave culture winning the revolution this prince leads on the daily pressing undeniable extenuating win after win upon those whom claim to lead.

This Prince counts himself humble within innocence and has gratitude towards anyone whom steps up with the instinctive reality that can contest his evolution even so being the extensible relationship this Monarch portrays to society intwined as the leading forefront within the evolutionary aspect that is the realms of the afterlife.

The Prince pressing existence peeks


  • Rebel
  • investor
  • Prince
  • artist
  • designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • musician
  • activist
  • preacher
  • Big brother
  • Entity

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