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Peace and love


I, Doojzie, am on a mission to lead the throne with a vision for a kingdom that transcends power – a place where everyone has equal chances to grow and learn. My focus is on drilling wells and providing necessities to suffering lands, ensuring that all have an opportunity for a better life.

Republican movement

My dream is to offer children access to quality education, fostering a culture where equal rights and opportunities prevail. I seek to spark a revolution for reformation, a movement that won’t stop until every individual enjoys the peaks of life’s offerings at the forefront of society.

No time to waste time

While I don’t seek money or fame, your support is crucial in spreading the message. Together, we can bring about the revolution needed for a heaven on Earth. Join me in this movement for justice and equality.

Innocence above the morality

Visit my YouTube channel, where I share videos of my principled beliefs and freestyle expressions in emotional harmony. Your engagement is vital as we overcome the evils conspiring with leaders.

Newest release “all we do” available on all streaming platforms

As our heroes sacrificed for our rights, it’s our duty to unify on an international level, offering the same bravery for the next generation. Stay tuned for updates on g8intelligence.com and doojzie.com.

Glory to the highest, peace be with you all!

In gratitude and anticipation of endless victories,

G8 Intelligence

Éire: The New Zodiac Aquarius Kingdom


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