Welcome to Éire

Hello, and thank you for your submission to give me time I hope you enjoy my page so far and the expression I have for my principalities!

Eyes in the sky

Within leading this revolution from the forefront looking for Justice and belonging over the incarceration from those who pressure leading this society in the English language!

I’m sure we can all agree It is time for change as I feel the pain of the shackles so one thing I will do is most definitely put my life on the line for the glory of Justice!

Capsulating the honour of a sunrise is not for the faint hearted but a numb enthusiast whom knows nothing but a reality inescapable towards structuralism

My main mission is to overcome the materialistic greed of the Commonwealth that has been going on for generations almost a millennium as far as my Culture is concerned!

I feel the youths can’t grow up knowing love or peace for each other in the comfort of their skin while so much hate and bloodshed has built the forefront that we all stand upon under their reign on society!

Prophecy of phlebotomy all submitted

My main mission is to free the world of all anxiety starting with climatizing the 3rd world within the Commonwealth should I be nominated to lead the throne and all its powers!

My mission is to drill Wells and give necessities to the suffering lands so that everyone has somewhat of an equal chance to grow and learn a way of life!

My dream is for the children to at least have an opportunity for better education and a path for progression towards a striving culture where everyone has equal rights and opportunities!

The light shines brighter in the darkness

I don’t want money or fame as a Prince although it will help in the coming of the new kingdom and the vision I have for heaven on Earth as my spirit guides have conferred within meditations while seeking my inner peace!

The only thing I ask is that you spread the word and try to gain support that will help this movement get the message out that we are taking over this world as before it becomes doomsday we need to spark the revolution for reformation!

We will not stop Until everyone is gifted an equal opportunity to enjoy the peaks of life’s offerings at the forefront of society!

Dimensional equation never misses out on extentual expressions within logical explanations

I feel it is our responsibility as our heroes have given their lives to gain us all these rights so we can conform as one blood in loving humanity to bring revolutionizing justice extenuating the fact that we as a collective can offer the same sacrifice as our duty is intended!

This coming together with the same heroic bravery on an International level will undoubtedly revelation the next generation to coherently carry on the next movement to enhance the lives inhabited in our beloved motherland after them and so on and so forth!

Please stay tuned to my YouTube where I post my principalities videos and freestyle my marks in emotional harmony in hopes the time gratifies my prayer to overcome the evils that are running through outer universal frequencies conspiring with the leaders!

Higher powers have endless limitations in every emotion exclusive on past while live in the present

Glory to God the highest and may peace be with you all!

Thank some prayers To you and your family Welcome To the new zodiac Aquarius kingdom I Christian as A platform for all I’d like to call “Éire”

Humble regards
G8 intellegence

Glorious awakening to the gratitude that is extenuating existence towards endless victory so be it a painful lesson or an enhanced confinement within times glorification



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