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Doojzie quotes

“Growing up in Ireland I felt I was incarcerated by my own family falling under victimisation of this English language And how the oppressors used to spread sectarian here to clout the slave age industry in the emblem as powerful winners!”

Orange order marching For the Genocide Loyal and proud Further incarceration caused upon the generational hate that conspires positive victory spread worldwide and still continues to incarcerate the youths to this day.

Nigga and Paddy calling Amongst ourselves ie. the black and Irish culture is said naturally now as if it’s OK and is done to Take the pressure off each other
I feel that within the evolution of mankind, we were 1st born pure white or ban as I like to call it in Gealge”

“My philosophy on how unjust the generational logic went against the creator’s dream of evolution after the gods performed the sacrifices in which to evolutionism was needed for the extenual peaks of humanity’s Universal belonging is simply barbaric! “

Typical British conspired saying for businesses to put outside their shop windows are pubs allowing the hate to grow even further for the black and Irish culture!
Note how Irish to this day remain more condemned as lower classed intellectuals than the Black society because they have been conspired upon and Seen as terrorists while fighting back Against the incarceration off the uk monarchy

*Idealistic confirmative philosophy

“The sun Has kissed our skin and darkened our tones as we can see today in society We have many different shades of skin color ;

I wasn’t born proclaimed as a PRINCE but have been pressed into an increasingly extensive principality born into a white Irish family Coming from the Spanish armada as old folk told me one day in the pub

Shipwrecked at the Spanish armada I came from few who survived I am so glad my ancestors made it to the Irish shores for me to evolve into this part of presence where I can stand up and put my life on the line for the same rates of peace revolutionising towards the next generational forthcoming so one day we will have Peace in our minds
Days are long gone where it is needed that killing each other for land or status comes before Linguistics and democracy

“Raised in peace projects having been incarcerated by religious differences and being tanned like a Spaniard my brothers thought it funny to press hate against me as we joke with each other! “

Pointing shouting the the n* word as a ute when we had innocence and was clueless as twas the conspired norm at the time

Innocent as they were young I did not find it funny it was the worst experience of my life and left me torn and shattered!
Most definitely scarred I’m traumatized sincerely ever since and have this uphold to blame the oppressor for the lack of human empathy society was raised upon!

“Going on from that I suffered some major incidents leaving me in A&E barely escaping my funeral meeting the entities of heaven forcing me waking up although no one may believe and I am labeled psychotic for saying so !

I can indeed prove it should anyone have the balls to test me!
I do consolidate with a council from the afterlife along with my Sinn Fein party as leading Aristocrat of the Irish Republican movement being born on all sorts they consolidate me through the struggle but I feel it was my destiny to become who I am today and have no regrets!

My first accident at 15y/o
I had a dream One of the last times I was with my Prince brethren I’d fallen riding my horse, my dogs were there; I woke up asking where he was! Since then Everything started to make sense to me he died 6 months later 6 days after my birthday on all souls day!
At his burial i had promised i would carry him on as a married entity within my body to live for justice!
My Loving Prince Michael and I are never to far apart as i drift into dream conference on a regular basis where we consolidate our next move forward!

“Having suffered such major Lacerations, may God-bless the national health systems, all the doctors and nurses who recovered me stitching me back together a piece by peace!”

“Recovered and Travelling where I want to go anywhere in the benefit of coming back here and being alive I am eternally grateful although i was questioning them at the time i now know tis to reconcilehumanitytowards justice”

“They could never quite handle my mental state and what I had To recover from
In saying that I noticed as common average that my Skin had darkened in tone into that of pure black Which I call dubh dubh a prophecy I felt that off ancient design and backed by Irish rebel music or the dead blood of my heroes I noticed as I often got a nip that swelled blue like a diamond 💎! “

I hope one day we can all find peace and accept the fact that the blood has been shed for us to come a move forward evolutionise ourselves past this point of hate a religious status sectarianism racism and why not As we are all one with mankind and humanity in my eyes we are still divided

“Reading every little fraction of my intellectually miraculous existence the homeland where I come from there stands a diamond monument in the middle of the town I see my hair Nails and even my skeleton sometimes as others have admitted I still feel gracious that I am not meant to be alive heaven denied me Numerous times I have stood 4th dimension outside my body pleading to rest as I have also been through the dimensions of hell And at the forefront within my council whom I truly adore in the afterlife I have prophesied the coming of mankind to this present day pressuring an extensive existence is at its peak of evolution without conformably accepting who leads now to then and now again it feels perpetually disgusting!”

I found my passions and music to help me as it is now conformably my therapy and continue to progress through my learning of impressionable knowledge to where I’m at today’s presence hoping one day people will enjoy the music I produce now working on my own album called “Revelation”

“I’m sure everyone else can see their automation of sun-kissing skin tone In every human body although we all prefer to pick our parents’ colors and confluxuate genetically perceptual toward the crowds they submit confirmation towards!
I for one unique was pressed to cover up the conceptual scars in a more evolutional healing process that presents why I am who I am today the pure space black and diamond blue figure announced in amazing acceptance to those who meet me anew and denied by those who have known me since a baby in this body!
I feel I’ve been here since the day off coming
Maybe it’s because I am too different and ugly in some sort I feel the reigns of higher society have also denied me my rights to be me in my originality! “

It is clear from the original ban ( pure white) To the dubh dubh ( do do) The extension of human evolution has to come to this moment in peaks of time evolution

“Over A decade ago i moved to the Uk and am now a squatting Prince after meeting a Princess within the royal family then having made myself known to Elizabeth in 2015 soiling on the palace lawn Incarcerating me when proclaiming Prince status as a leader of the Irish Republican movement the champagne well aged by now and the sectarian sickness conspired upon us could not allow the relationship to go anywhere but a few formal meets!
I choose to lead alone and call my kingdom Éire ! ”

No matter what happens in love and life I choose to be in the present moment now that is reality turning to them no then again no and nobody can forefront or adderated me into loving someone or something that is not in my presence apart from those I’d help her to an interim state where I am heavenly promised this position to come to my Ashley reality Although I wake up and calculate I’m alone

“It is So typical within mankind To deny that what is new and unknown , I am universally challenged in loving myself also!”

“I have now accepted myself as beautiful and as few naturalist beings have confirmed both earthly and extraterrestrial ! “

“To those who are conspiring towards the unknown retaliated as they are scared of this purified to the peeks of human existence and feel as if I am a threat! Trust I am

All I want is to have peace, tranquillity, joy and emotional positivity! Then to that day I can feel love and aspire to do better for the mankind anethnicity evolutionising the world for everyone involved to have an equal chance

“Having suffered an Inquisition for over a decade now by both the monarchy and the higher powers Having leached my frequency and all that I am creative in thought waves shall continue to hide in my views while I remain Incarcerated and making them bank as if I am not going to take all the currency I run?; Hahaha

The song I have come and out and capture let’s the AM shooting at PM endlessly While the am is getting ripped

“It is the pain I feel that makes me carry on to produce such beautiful music that is then leached from the leading frequency to re-write and press through the global programming conspiring more racial disregard towards me at the peeks!”

“I only intend on continuing As I enjoy evolution alongside my council both from the afterlife and within the world as the mission extenuate existence I’m playing my part as a zodiac in holding up the Aquarius border holding out the beings of external existence trying to come to take over our lands! “

“As we all know it has always been a struggle for the irishman to prove innocence throughout this distinguishing conspired media! “

Welcome to my throne label the Iris of the frequency been launched onto mankind I here-forth am offering the knowledge at this stage I have run out of time for dwelling in the incarceration

“Should higher society continue to conform within the free choose that is to follow ignorant ways we will soon consolidate what mother Earth has planned for us and the avatars on Saturday they are me shall live upon until weekend create a time machine to bring back this moment and claim our victory as the RA has already proven before its time, we shal overcome”

As far as I say we are fighting for new moons to feed the sun on the rings of Saturn in a hunger games meditational battle this is why I feel the border should be upheld with the utmost gratification for the man and army the keeps at the time Impressed to help with our mother Earth

“Time is a gift not a Privileged right to have an attear to people take advantage of it and it is running out for those who continue to anchor themselves the towards higher status of mankind without submitting gratitude towards the reality of The Giver of life I’d like to have more than just a loving Shadow reality “

The main mission in the 3rd world or Commonwealth is to Provide basic necessities for the society to grow into proper thriving culture that is drilling Wales and cultivating the land with our engagement systems instead of leeching diamonds and gold through the gang land out there

“All I want is to have peace and tranquillity joy and emotional in position that I can feel love and aspire to do better for the mankind an ethnicity revolutionising mainframe towards the betterment for our world and for everyone involved to have an equal chance”

“Should higher society choose to follow the ignorant British ways we at G8 will soon consolidate what mother Earth has planned for me as lord of all existence and dissolve the inhumane perpetrators!
My G8 Intel army drive the avatars on Saturn they are meditated through me and shall higher society continue to disregard my presence the motherland has given orders to feed the sun before allowing the ET adoption of human bodies to go live upon Saturn until the time i can create a time machine to bring back this moment and claim our victory should history not be repeated”

“This labeled psychotic and denied by old fashioned groups of society and western medicals whom most need enlightening and at the forefront the British education system is so Incorrect syllabuses by means of conspiring society along with the media who are getting paid to say the least”

“Trust me the extraterrestrials are far from friendly to a point yet they will be the humans quick to submit to such Open adoption should the Aquarius border fail the tie of my impressions towards the godly cosmos for our motherlands internal strength! “

“*Ideologically i don’t mind living with aliens here on earth as they control by hypnotisation a-lot of the time but; for them to adopt body is dangerous as they intend on landing their mothership and enslave humanity worse than all of the past! This we must not allow as Jesus articulated in conference with myself to leave earth behind and feed the light off evolution!”

“As Taught throughout this language that is the most universal English linguistic I feel I must attend to lead the upcoming revolution and educate that you can be whatever color you want to be should you meditate it enough into your body at source I can see when I met the love of my life she became pure ban White and blue Shining like a diamond she is and I know that 1 day we may come together in my realities being again as monarchy then everyone will understand that this is perpetual bless while we use the Commonwealth to irrigate the land towards solving climate issues instead of materialistic greed! ”

People just cry Gratify Is promised always and this must come to an end there is a worldly battle going on outside and the evolution next generation is not usually one has the impression of the light of the universe needs satisfactory confinement and confirmation forms in worship to its Adoration much deserved impressions
to keep us alive

*”As far as the extenuation of mankind you all must succeed in accepting that now is the time to admit to the forthcoming of our existence peeks pressured as completed peaceful beings and knowing how we got here!
Opening up Also to how much We must carry ourselves in a more professional and Peaceful manner to continue this life as we intend to turn that to keep evolving humanity as one collective although The outer forces would like the Aquarius border to fall so they could land and incarcerate mankind into their extensive slavery just has the British monarchy and other monarchy have done so in the past to get us this far in the evolution of humanity and society to this day! “

This star bringing peace and prosperity Along with abundance towards mankind in to my life in my own right as material or pay issues with love

“Needless to say, I am still here in my prison cell trying to prove my innocence as a Prince of most extensional principalities and as an Irishman who was once labeled worse than a dog whom in turn protects our mother earth since the start that we were the lowest of the low the bottom of the food chain and after insider information an Ira agent went undercover and proved to us Here at the Irish Republican movement the head of existence in the peaks of external presence that the English language is one of the most universal yet 1 of the evilest languages in the sources of magic and frequency capabilities of reading and hypnotisation eg. Music Production 🎶”

*G8 Intel quote*
*”In capitalised by time and existence I have nothing to lose only petty those who keep pressuring to leech frequency for their own benefit and not used their own talent while claiming the bank 3rd is rightfully belonging to someone’s peace of mind I could list a few people few friends of mine that are all turn on some major label tracks and still working for the man at home in the village”

*”Moving forward we would like to educate the system and that’s the younger innocent children who can prove to themselves and meditate themselves and at a young age choose what color they would like to be no matter what genetics they came before I feel it is a good Exemption to reconcile a full experiment that it is most definitely possible to be at source enough and a piece enough to extenuate this kind of existence for mankind ”

“Time is a gift not a Privileged right to have an attire to people take advantage of it and it is running out for those who continue to anchor themselves the towards higher status of mankind without submitting gratitude towards the reality of The Giver of life I’d like to have more than just a loving Shadow reality “

“Welcome Doojzie as Your Prince and the leader of all souls and my council from the afterlife flex to college after kicking me out so many times while he is locked up his body lying dead on the floor as ashes says he is here to lead this revolution so we will not surrender “

Doojzie quote again

“I am sending my love and gratitude Along with my prayers that you may all come as one In a worldwide manner And make your choice To follow the advice of The oppressor and either burn me At the stick or cry me all the money into my government as I am and done trying I am done caring I am done Giving my time without respect for the powers that I play here so may the border hold up to those who donate worship or not I am not sure My mother Earth had advised me that it would blow itself to pieces and feed itself to the new moon rising Should I not be here to Extenuate its existence by thought process as I’m sure the higher society can confirm has been going on for a while in this commercial programming and rewriting my true identity of different forms of people’s bank accounts as far as I can see”

This is my logo from my throne circle I am turn intent on using it to create the new world currency and use the Big Brother system from the higher powers to judge an employee everybody to pay people for being humane towards one another

I also pray that the afterlife who have handed me the Crown as Lord of all souls work with me as we have proved to ourselves in the past weeks aiming darts that my wishes Be fulfilled and those who hold me back shall be ghosted in no longer stand in our way as we rise to the top of mankind and humanity This is how kingdoms are won
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