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“Doojzie’s Decree: Exposing Empire’s Intrigue!”

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In a whirlwind of revelation, Doojzie steps into the limelight, ready to unveil the secrets of the empire! From the drafting of grand schemes to the orchestration of destiny’s dance, Doojzie stands poised at the precipice of a new chapter.

Amidst a circle of loyal confidants, Doojzie acknowledges a period of distant introspection, emerging from the shadows with newfound vigor and determination. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the journey from rock bottom to soaring heights mirrors the majestic flight of an eagle, guided by unwavering principles.

As justice looms on the horizon, adversaries find themselves outmaneuvered, their plots laid bare for all to see. The red carpet is unfurled, and Doojzie strides forth, a beacon of resilience and fortitude, undeterred by the machinations of the oppressors.

With divine guidance and steadfast allies by their side, Doojzie remains steadfast in the face of adversity, poised to seize the throne of destiny. And amidst the chaos, whispers of a potential romance linger in the air, adding another layer of intrigue to Doojzie’s narrative.

Welcome to the revolution

Welcome to the website the leading manner to run the revolution and stick it to the head of society well the trucking on through the trenches!

Doojzie Has so much to offer this world and the need for support has never been needed so much It does no When society is Is being run by fools conspiring over those who are blind to see!

The Prince and his whip

“The time has come to stand up to those who think we will remain silent and continue getting whipped behind the covers”

Owning the 360° mid city

This Prince is looking for support to revolutionise the world!

” It will take a miracle to overcome but I believe we can succeed the impossible we can do miracles take a bit longer “

” Power To the people the people lead the power “

A remorseful tribute to Fallin soldiers whom we address freedom towards a humble victory within the rights to a voice in public

Doojzie has always said he would love to stand in support as the last Irish rebel to become a martyr in retrospect that he will not allow the English dialect abuse him by claiming another monarch as the purist entity that can teach grammar in this most revolutionizing movement that he and he alone would fulfill the orange devil worship and sit on the fire should they not commiserate the entity he carry above existence within extenuating humanity and the justice of this world as Atlantis upon Aquarius as the new zodiac and the marks of respect owed to this wonderful opportunity society has to save humanity as a whole instead of building their rocketships to run away objectifying a position that our king is not scared to fight for the peace of mankind above those aliens whom long to take over as a host in the war for holding humanity together b4 a Futurama existanct