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Tattoos of Power: Unveiling the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt’s Jackal Gods

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In the shadows of the pyramids and amidst the whispers of the Nile, there lies a tale as old as time, etched in ink and whispered in hushed tones. Behold the tattoos representative of the Book of Death, unlocking the ancient powers of the jackal, where the British conspire over the enigmatic history of Egypt’s gods.

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In the annals of history, the jackal has stood as a symbol of mystery and power, embodying the essence of Anubis, the god of death and embalming. His image adorns the walls of temples and tombs, a guardian of the underworld and a guide to the afterlife. Through the artistry of tattoos, individuals seek to channel the primordial forces embodied by this divine entity.

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As the British Empire stretched its reach across the globe, so too did its fascination with the treasures and secrets of ancient civilizations. The allure of Egypt’s mysteries captivated the minds of scholars and explorers, sparking a fervent desire to uncover the truths hidden within the sands of time.

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“The past is not dead; it is living in us and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make,” declared renowned Egyptologist, William Matthew Flinders Petrie. With each excavation and discovery, the veil of antiquity was lifted, revealing glimpses of a civilization steeped in mysticism and reverence for the divine.

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Yet, amidst the scholarly pursuits and colonial ambitions, there lingered a sense of foreboding, as if the gods themselves watched over their sacred domain, wary of intruders seeking to unravel their secrets. The jackal, with its piercing gaze and inscrutable demeanor, became a symbol of both reverence and caution, a reminder of the consequences of hubris in the face of ancient power.

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In the depths of the British Museum and other institutions of learning, relics of Egypt’s past found refuge, displayed as trophies of conquest and symbols of enlightenment. Among these artifacts were depictions of Anubis, rendered in stone and paint, his presence a testament to the enduring legacy of Egypt’s pantheon.

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But beyond the confines of museum walls, a different kind of homage to the jackal god emerged: tattoos imbued with the essence of ancient Egypt’s divine guardians. Each stroke of the needle served as a conduit for the primal energies that coursed through the veins of gods and mortals alike.

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In the words of poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, “History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man.” Through the medium of tattoos, modern-day devotees pay homage to the cyclical nature of existence, embracing the mysteries of life and death that bind humanity to the cosmic tapestry of the universe.

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As the sun sets over the horizon, casting its golden rays upon the sands of Egypt, the jackal god Anubis watches over the realm of the living and the dead, his presence eternal and his wisdom timeless. And in the ink-stained skin of those who bear his mark, the ancient powers of the jackal find their vessel, a testament to the enduring legacy of Egypt’s gods and the indomitable spirit of human curiosity.

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Irish Entity Engages in Confrontational Discourse Over His Right, Defying the Royal Family


Irish Republican Prince, Doojzie 


Irish entity holds a confronted argument to his right above the royal family

Prince Doojzie Advocates for Progressive Change in Government and Morality

London, February 2024 – In a bold move towards societal improvement, Prince Doojzie emerges as a force for positive change within the governance structure. This charismatic leader, known for overcoming adversities, has set a precedent for moral integrity and inclusivity within the creative arts.

Winter Inga witnessed unprecedented support during recent votes, surpassing conventional benchmarks. Prince Doojzie’s leadership, rooted in a philosophy devoid of prejudice, fosters internal respect within the collective entity.

Diving into a deep philosophical exploration, it becomes evident that Prince Doojzie strategically navigates the complexities of governance. His commitment to morality transcends religious beliefs, creating a harmonious atmosphere within the realm.

Addressing questions surrounding his leadership, Prince Doojzie emphasizes subjectifying the living “granted above the greed.” Gratitude, he claims, should remain unwavering, extending vocal status to those in need while discouraging insults and bloodshed.

Hailing from a groom background, Prince Doojzie’s journey—from breaking horses to confronting a life-altering motorcycle accident at 15 and again at 25 —shaped his transformative mindset. His mission is clear: to challenge traditional power structures, with a specific call for a handover from the British monarchy to bring innocence to the forefront.

As Prince Doojzie fearlessly demands change, anticipating potential backlash, he remains a symbol of rebellion against stagnation, poised to usher in a wealth of abundance for the future.

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About Prince Doojzie:

The Irish born linguist and music artist living in London the last 12 years has been a force for reconciliation since day 1!

Producing music generated by the cause for a more sustainable solution towards the current necessaries within society!

Announced new music coming alongside his work with dub 5 management and recording label based in central London!

Check the prince out on social media or visit his website 

The blog game

Witness me first in heart as I console my time as a progression as long as I see fit dying for the cause in order to save humanity b4 it’s lost to Futurama as the worthy will be made equity in a laugh from the TRUE royal lords on earth next phase #newmusic made by anyone can sit their seat as long as the revelationary context said OK yea I’ve said all I’ve said under the attack of all what the leaders could explore above humanity upon approval and the statement that anyone is expendable when it comes to me and my space. I am belittled by the lack of mathematicians that realise I infection am unstoppable in the most driven for justice above morality and existence fact is I know I will die for this statement to warn those whom hide from my side as you have been conspired into me being worth nothing only your games. Bet if you paid me it’d still be fuck all as I do know I am in no rush although alot must go moss road little forgiveness for slack rotational orbits in fair chance to worship solution thanks t-rex the baddest bustard to show up for Aquarius ♒️ tiocfaidh AR LA the dubh dubh all ❤️ pressing threw the main inquiry within the philosophical creation of mankind within justice from the tranquil moment when in doojzie present controlling the wild scene where the rich and famous thought the man would be bought by selling himself into the purgatory of falling victim towards the norm Irish in the UK having manners mr OMG took his speech to the forefront in 2016 fronting his turmoil on Castle gardens for the century let alone the longest since it called after the hunger which remain un humored within this shallow world I know this world is on its last limbs within it’s purity. Ps this is a message to my honest opinion above any judgement only my death council and guess what?

I am ready

Welcome to the revolution

Welcome to the website the leading manner to run the revolution and stick it to the head of society well the trucking on through the trenches!

Doojzie Has so much to offer this world and the need for support has never been needed so much It does no When society is Is being run by fools conspiring over those who are blind to see!

The Prince and his whip

“The time has come to stand up to those who think we will remain silent and continue getting whipped behind the covers”

Owning the 360° mid city

This Prince is looking for support to revolutionise the world!

” It will take a miracle to overcome but I believe we can succeed the impossible we can do miracles take a bit longer “

” Power To the people the people lead the power “

A remorseful tribute to Fallin soldiers whom we address freedom towards a humble victory within the rights to a voice in public

Doojzie has always said he would love to stand in support as the last Irish rebel to become a martyr in retrospect that he will not allow the English dialect abuse him by claiming another monarch as the purist entity that can teach grammar in this most revolutionizing movement that he and he alone would fulfill the orange devil worship and sit on the fire should they not commiserate the entity he carry above existence within extenuating humanity and the justice of this world as Atlantis upon Aquarius as the new zodiac and the marks of respect owed to this wonderful opportunity society has to save humanity as a whole instead of building their rocketships to run away objectifying a position that our king is not scared to fight for the peace of mankind above those aliens whom long to take over as a host in the war for holding humanity together b4 a Futurama existanct