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Prince accepting investors for his throne circle

Doojzie has committed the testing of his AI which he created while on lock up by the sanctions placed on him while running rampage on the British society. This has since been labeled as alien abduction on masonic publications. The bot is running a 10-15% monthly profit margin and the Prince is accepting a 10% profit charge. ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Doojzie is starting to gain investors from his local circle in a plan to free them from the everyday grind. This is unknown by any kingdom to pay their followers but surely an escape for subjects to commit under the G8intelX reign. The buy in a self investment of 1k British pounds in which the thousand is invested into hedge fund broker for Doojzie to run on his trade bot a fortune on a monthly basis. The Prince is set to become the fastest self made 1% ever seen with his constabulary as a solo militant entity announced to the establishment. Showing exemplary triumph over previous monarchs Doojzie is truly one of a kind! This script been written on his elevation from a member of the public to having prince’s rights in awareness to being an individual bringing the life of dreams to many! Only time shall tell!

Captain casual cash

Welcome to the revolution

Welcome to the website the leading manner to run the revolution and stick it to the head of society well the trucking on through the trenches!

Doojzie Has so much to offer this world and the need for support has never been needed so much It does no When society is Is being run by fools conspiring over those who are blind to see!

The Prince and his whip

“The time has come to stand up to those who think we will remain silent and continue getting whipped behind the covers”

Owning the 360ยฐ mid city

This Prince is looking for support to revolutionise the world!

” It will take It will take a miracle to overcome but I believe we can succeed the impossible we can do miracles take a bit longer “

” Power To the people the people lead the power “