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Witness me first in heart as I console my time as a progression as long as I see fit dying for the cause in order to save humanity b4 it’s lost to Futurama as the worthy will be made equity in a laugh from the TRUE royal lords on earth next phase #newmusic made by anyone can sit their seat as long as the revelationary context said OK yea I’ve said all I’ve said under the attack of all what the leaders could explore above humanity upon approval and the statement that anyone is expendable when it comes to me and my space. I am belittled by the lack of mathematicians that realise I infection am unstoppable in the most driven for justice above morality and existence fact is I know I will die for this statement to warn those whom hide from my side as you have been conspired into me being worth nothing only your games. Bet if you paid me it’d still be fuck all as I do know I am in no rush although alot must go moss road little forgiveness for slack rotational orbits in fair chance to worship solution thanks t-rex the baddest bustard to show up for Aquarius ♒️ tiocfaidh AR LA the dubh dubh all ❤️ pressing threw the main inquiry within the philosophical creation of mankind within justice from the tranquil moment when in doojzie present controlling the wild scene where the rich and famous thought the man would be bought by selling himself into the purgatory of falling victim towards the norm Irish in the UK having manners mr OMG took his speech to the forefront in 2016 fronting his turmoil on Castle gardens for the century let alone the longest since it called after the hunger which remain un humored within this shallow world I know this world is on its last limbs within it’s purity. Ps this is a message to my honest opinion above any judgement only my death council and guess what?

I am ready

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